How does GPT understand semiotics?

GPT has entered the scene and is here to stay. How is it understanding the field of Semiotics? To answer this, we used Infranodus ( to ask the question and visualize it into a network. The analysis found four topics, or four areas of semiotics:

The graph is interactive. Explore it online at
  1. Examine Understanding, including the words or terms: examine, people, create, understanding, film, understand, order, variety, interpret, literature, advertisement, conversation, everyday, art, advertising, music, include, message, thing, book, focus, seek, media, architecture, present, multiple, audience, meaningful, combined, base, assign, artwork, material, power, sense, make, example, shared.
  2. Nonverbal Communication, including the words or terms: communication, language, visual, body, information, including, gesture, image, system, word, form, expression, verbal, interpretation, written, environment, nonverbal, extend, spoken, address, ultimately, purpose, involve, facial, convey, human, area, applied, gestural, movement, musical, acoustic, sound.
  3. Semiotic Context, including the words or terms: context, coin, principle, process, science, philosopher, culture, regulate, term, english, general, define, john, mill, stuart, signify, individual, cultural, thought, identity, semiosis, idea, learning.
  4. Semiotic Analysis, including the words or terms: analysis. semiotic, relationship, signifier, insight, help, represent, signified, representation, physical, exploring, type, referent, hear, explore, theory, part, important, object, semiology, refer, gain.

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